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SPACDex: Market Cap & Equal Weighted Return

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SPAC IPO Transactions: Summary by Year

For complete profiles on each individual SPAC IPO, please visit the SPAC Profiles page and click on a name.

SPAC IPO Terms Tracker

(Tracks positive or net changes to terms for SPACS that have yet to IPO using a baseline of 50.  Above 50 = terms are loosening. Below 50 = terms are tightening)

SPAC Yield-to-Maturity Tracker

(Tracks weekly Median Yield-to-Maturity (YTM) for the category “SPAC Currently Searching for Targets”)

SPAC Status by Year of IPO

Reflects where in the deal process all SPACs that completed their IPO in a given year are currently
(updated daily).

Summary of Funds Raised

Hover over a data point to see yearly figures.

 *  2021 as of: Jun 23, 2021 10:17 AM ET

SPACs Seeking a Target/Announced:  Share Price vs. Time Left to Complete (Years)

* Updated daily

Annualized Rate of Return (ARR)

NOTE: “Separated Unit” equals the total of the close price of the share + warrant + right (if applicable). Example: unit purchased at IPO = $10.00.  Current close price of: the share = $9.75; the warrant = $0.60.  Value of the unit post-separation = $10.35

All data is sort-able by clicking on the arrow keys (?/?) in the column headers.

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