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SPAC IPO Transactions – Summary by Year

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IPO Size

 *   Includes over-allotment proceeds
**  Last updated November 16, 2018 7:52AM ET

Summary of Funds Raised

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 *  2018: as of November 16, 2018 7:52AM ET

SPACs Seeking a Target/Announced:  Share Price vs. Time Left to Complete (Years)

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Annualized Rate of Return (ARR)

NOTE: “Separated Unit” equals the total of the close price of the share + warrant + right (if applicable). Example: unit purchased at IPO = $10.00.  Current close price of: the share = $9.75; the warrant = $0.60.  Value of the unit post-separation = $10.35

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Universe: SPACs Seeking a Target
Date of IPONameSymbolROIARR
16-Oct-2018Graf Industrial Corp.GRAF0.1%2.5%
11-Oct-2018DD3 Acquisition Corp.DDMX-1.8%-27.5%
5-Oct-2018ChaSerg Technolgy Acquisition CorpCTAC0.5%7.3%
5-Oct-2018EdtechX Holdings Acquisition Corp.EDTX0.6%8.8%
7-Sep-2018Churchill Capital Corp.CCC2.0%14.3%
7-Sep-2018Gores Holdings III, Inc.GRSH0.8%5.5%
29-Aug-2018Longevity Acquisition CorporationLOAC0.5%2.8%
24-Aug-2018Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp.MFAC0.3%1.6%
21-Aug-2018Tenzing Acquisition Corp.TZAC-2.9%-14.0%
16-Aug-2018TKK Symphony Acquisition CorporationTKKS-2.1%-9.6%
10-Aug-2018Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp.SPAQ1.5%6.9%
3-Aug-2018Forum Merger II CorporationFMCI1.8%7.6%
2-Aug-2018Tottenham Acquisition I LimitedTOTA0.0%0.0%
25-Jul-2018Greenland Acquisition Corp.GLAC-0.3%-1.2%
3-Jul-2018Allegro Merger Corp.ALGR0.1%0.4%
28-Jun-2018HL Acquisitions Corp.HCCH0.0%0.0%
28-Jun-2018New Frontier Corp.NFC1.8%5.3%
20-Jun-2018Twelve Seas Investment CompanyTWLV1.3%3.6%
20-Jun-2018LF Capital Acquisition Corp.LFAC1.1%3.0%
19-Jun-2018Thunder Bridge Acquisition, Ltd.TBRG1.8%5.0%
12-Jun-2018Far Point Acquisition CorporationFPAC1.8%4.7%
8-Jun-2018GS Acquisition Holdings Corp.GSAH2.7%6.9%
29-May-2018Trident Acquisition Corp.TDAC0.9%2.1%
16-May-2018VectoIQ Acquisition Corp.VTIQ1.9%4.2%
15-May-2018Trinity Merger Corp.TMCX3.5%7.7%
12-Apr-2018Pure Acquisition Corp.PACQ4.4%8.1%
15-Mar-2018Tiberius Acquisition CorporationTIBR2.1%3.4%
13-Mar-2018Opes Acquisition Corp.OPES2.8%4.4%
27-Feb-2018Union Acquisition CorporationLTN1.4%2.0%
16-Feb-2018DFB Healthcare Acquisition Corp.DFBH2.7%3.9%
12-Feb-2018Leo Holdings Corp.LHC3.7%5.2%
7-Feb-2018Mudrick Capital Acquisition CorporationMUDS3.8%5.3%
24-Jan-2018Gordon Pointe Acquisition Corp.GPAQ5.0%6.6%
17-Jan-2018One Madison Corp.OMAD2.7%3.4%
11-Jan-2018Platinum Eagle Acquisition Corp.EAGL3.7%4.6%
9-Jan-2018Nebula Acquisition Corp.NEBU2.6%3.3
7-Dec-2017GigCapital, Inc.GIG3.5%3.9%
1-Dec-2017Leisure Acquisition Corp.LACQ2.1%2.2%
30-Nov-2017Regalwood Global Energy Ltd.RWGE4.2%4.6%
20-Nov-2017Big Rock Partners Acquisition Corp.BRPA5.5%5.8%
16-Nov-2017Legacy Acquisition Corp.LGC1.9%2.0%
25-Oct-2017CM Seven Star Acquisition CorporationCMSS2.9%2.9%
24-Oct-2017Haymaker Acquisiton Corp.HYAC5.0%4.9%
18-Oct-2017Mosaic Acquisition Corp.MOSC2.2%2.1%
4-Oct-2017Black Ridge Acquisition Corp.BRAC2.5%2.3%
13-Sep-2017Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp.IPOA2.5%2.2%
15-Aug-2017Capitol Investment Corp. IVCIC4.7%3.8%
27-Jul-2017Pensare Acquisition Corp.WRLS2.4%1.9%
27-Jun-2017TPG Pace Holdings Corp.TPGH5.3%3.9%
1-Jun-2017KBL Merger Co. IVKBLM3.6%2.5%
11-May-2017Modern Media Acquisition Corp.MMDM4.3%2.9%
10-Apr-2017Vantage Energy Acquisition Corp.VEAC5.0%3.2%
2-Mar-2016Jensyn Acquisition Corp.JSYN15.9%5.7%

 *   All ROIs and ARRs calculated using closing prices as of September 30, 2018.  Data updated monthly.
**  IPO value = $10.00
*** ARRs for SPACs less than one year from IPO date are considered “projecting” and only provided as a reference.


Universe: SPACs Announced an Acquisition
Date of IPONameSymbolROIARR
11-Oct-2016Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp.AHPA3.6%1.7%
19-Jun-2017Bison Capital Acquisition Corp.BCAC5.7%4.1%
19-Jun-2017Constellation Alpha Capital Corp.CNAC3.6%2.6%
14-Sep-2017Draper Oakwood Technology AcquisitionDOTA4.0%3.5%
29-Jul-2015Easterly Acquisition Corp.EACQ10.2%3.0%
18-Jul-2017Federal Street Acquisition Corp.FSAC6.5%5.1%
26-Oct-2016GTY Technology Holdings Inc.GTYH7.2%0.1%
16-Aug-2017I-AM Capital Acquisition CompanyIAM13.4%11.0%
26-Jul-2017Industrea Acquisition Corp.INDU11.1%8.7%
29-Mar-2017Kayne Anderson Acquisition CorpKAAC4.1%2.6%
25-May-2016Landcadia Holdings, Inc.LCA27.7%10.6%
9-Mar-2017Matlin & Partners Acquisition Corp.MPAC6.5%3.9%
29-Jan-2018MTech Acquisition Corp.MTEC14.2%19.3%
2-Nov-2017Sentinel Energy Services, Inc.STNL4.2%4.2%
18-Nov-2016Hunter Maritime Acquisition Corp.HUNT1.1%0.6%
15-Sep-2016Saban Capital Acquisition Corp.SCAC7.2%3.3%
18-Aug-2016Stellar Acquisition III Inc.STLR7.0%3.4%

 *   All  ROIs and ARRs calculated using closing prices as of October 31, 2018.  Data updated monthly.
**  IPO value = $10.00