3-Logins: Monthly Plan

3-Logins: Monthly Plan

$400.00 / month

3-User Logins 

A subscription to the SPACInsider database includes access to our SPAC Intel Center.  All data is updated as soon as news happens – no waiting for once a week updates.  See product description section below for further details.

IMPORTANT: Multi-User Login…Please fill out all information for each intended user in order to request logins.

If you are an institution and require more than 3 logins, please fill out this form Request Form to request enterprise pricing and setup.

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3-User Logins Database Subscription
*Includes Access to the Private SPACInsider Discussion Forums

A subscription to the SPACInsider Database includes access to our SPAC Intel Center with all data updated as soon as news happens – no waiting for once a week updates.


Monthly plan:  $400.00/month for 3-separate user logins. Automatic monthly renewal every 30 days from initial purchase.

Annual plan (save $400.00):   Includes one free month.  $4,400.00/year for 3-separate user logins.  Automatic renewal on the annual anniversary of initial purchase.

SPAC Intel sections include:

  • List of all SPACs and links to their page profiles. Page profiles include:
    • Real-time stock quotes for thet, share, warrant and right
    • Full summary of IPO terms (including underwriters and legal teams)
    • Bios for SPAC team officers and directors
    • Transaction summaries for announced business combinations
  • Fully sortable list of SPACs currently searching for targets. Details include:
    • Sector focus
    • IPO date, proceeds and at-risk capital
    • Dollar amount per share held in trust
    • Completion deadline and time left to complete
  • Implied yield-to-maturity for all searching and announced SPACs.  Updated daily and based on a 2-week VWAP.
  • Redemption Prices for all announced SPACs (current pro-rata per share amount in Trust)
  • Fully sortable list of SPAC stock quotes
  • Plus, additional data tables coming soon…

Includes Access to the PRIVATE SPACInsider Discussion Forums

*The Discussion Forums will only be available to subscribers.  Feel free to lurk or participate, but feel comfortable knowing that only serious SPAC investors and professionals are participating and it’s not available for public viewing.

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Weekly Email Subscription (Monthly)


Weekly Email Subscription (Annual)

$100.00/year ($8.33/month)

3-User Logins (Monthly Plan)

$400.00/month ($133 per login/month)

3-User Logins (Annual Plan)

$4,400.00/year ($122 per login/month)