FPAs & Anchors


SPACs currently searching for targets or with announced combinations

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in Trust
(at IPO)
Alussa EnergyALUS$225.0Up to $11.25Alussa Sponsor
AMCI AMCI$220.5$50.023%AMCI Sponsor LLC
B. Riley Princ. Merg. BRPM$143.8$25.017%Affiliate of B. Riley Principal Sponsor Co., LLC
CC Neuberger Principal Holdings IPCPL$300.0$200.067%Neuberger Berman Opportunistic Capital Solutions Master Fund LP
CF FinanceCFFA$285.4$30.011%CF Finance Holdings LLC
CIIG MergerCIIC$225.0Up to $50.625Direct Anchor: Blackrock; Indirect Anchors: Magnetar, Atalaya
Collier CreekCCH$440.0$35.08%Collier Creek Partners LLC + Independent Directors
Crescent CRSA$250.0$50.020%Crescent Capital Group LP
DFB HealthcareDFBH$250.0$100.040%Deerfield Management Company, L.P.$25.0Deerfield Management Company, L.P.
DFP HealthcareDFPH$200.0$50.0Deerfield Management Company, L.P.
DiamondPeak DPHC$280.0$32.5BlackRock, Inc.
East StoneECCS$138.0$1.08Hua Mao and Cheng Zhao
EdtechX EDTX$64.2$20.031%Azimut Enterprises Holdings S.r.l. and Cofircont Compagnia Fiduciaria S.r.l.
Far Point***FPAC$632.5$200.0Cloudbreak Aggregator LP (affililate of Third Point LLC)
GigCapital3, Inc.GIK$200.0$17.4Cohen & Company, Inc.
Health Sciences Acquisitions Corp.HSAC$115.0$20.017%Health Sciences Holdings, LLC (affiliate of RTW)
Hennessy IVHCAC$303.2$125.041%Nomura$32.5Sponsor + BlackRock, Inc.
Leisure LACQ$200.0$62.531%HG Vora Special Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd.
LF Capital LFAC$158.4$13.4BlackRock Funds
Live OakLOAK$200.0$15.0Atalaya Capital
Mosaic MOSC$345.0$150.043%Institutional and accredited investors
Mudrick MUDS$210.1$25.012%Mudrick Capital Acquisition Holdings LLC
New Frontier NFC$287.5$181.063%Accredited Investors + Antony Leung and Carl Wu$90.0Accredited Investors + Antony Leung and Carl Wu
One Madison OMAD$300.0$150.050%Sponsor + The Blackstone Group LP
Opes OPES$116.2$30.026%Lion Point Capital
PivotalPVT$230.0$150.065%Pivotal SPAC Funding LLC - includes Kevin Griffin and MGG Investment Group
Pivotal IIPIC$230.0$150.065%Pivotal SPAC Funding LLC ii- includes Kevin Griffin and MGG Investment Group
Pure PACQ$414.0$150.036%HighPeak Energy Partners, LP
Regalwood RWGE$300.0$250.083%CIEP Sponsor Ltd., (affiliate of Carlyle International Energy Partners LP)
RMG RMG$230.0$25.3BlackRock, Inc. + Alta Fundamental Advisers LLC
SC Health CorpSCH$172.5$50.029%SC Health Group Limited (Sponsor)
Sentinel Energy STNL$345.0$100.029%CSL Energy Opportunities Fund III, L.P. and CSL Energy Holdings III, Corp, LLC
South MountainSMMC$250.020.0BlueCrest Capital Management
Spartan EnergySPAQ$552.0$300.054%Apollo Natural Resources Partners II, L.P. 
Thunder BridgeTBRG$260.6$50.019%Monroe Capital, LLC
TiberiusTIBR$174.2$25.014%Institutional & Accredited investors$15.0Institutional & Accredited investors
VectoIQ VTIQ$232.3$25.011%P. Schoenfeld Asset Management LP$25.0BlackRock Funds
*** Far Point FPA "up to" $200mm, final TBDAverage:34.8%