It’s Time to Say Goodbye…


It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

Feb 15, 2019 INTEL by SPACInsider

This post is bittersweet for me to write.  It’s both exciting and yet, difficult to put down my thoughts.

The time has come for me to move on… but first, a brief explanation.

I started this website approximately one year ago and it was born out of my previous work in this extraordinary asset class. I simply enjoyed following the SPAC Market.  And reporting on it thoughtfully was a natural extension of that. However, it has been equal parts joy and torture.  I loved building a business, watching it grow and most importantly, getting to interact with many of you.  At the same time, my previous experience as a banker and the desire to be even more engaged directly with the process and product, has made me re-evaluate “how” I want to be involved with SPACs going forward.

And so, I have made the decision to close the site in order to pursue new opportunities. It is difficult for me to end an endeavor that I have been so passionate about for so long, but I know that this decision is the right one. This is not goodbye forever… I plan on, and am optimistic, that my next role will be SPAC related as well.

As SPACInsider, I feel incredibly lucky to have had the good fortune to make so many new friends and contacts, and I look forward to continuing the SPAC conversation as I move on. The SPAC community is small, but growing, and I have loved being able to have found a voice through the website.

I’m looking forward to finally being able to take off the “cloak” and well, it’s just time.

See you around the neighborhood….

– SPACInsider



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